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News flash – action requested

Mayor David Narkewicz has submitted a proposal to the Northampton City Council for its meeting tomorrow, Thursday, June 4, 2020. It requests that the City Council vote on the creation of a Municipal Light Plant for the city. A Municipal Light Plant is a legal framework for a municipality to offer services like a high-speed …

Municipal network study to start soon?

Happy New Year News! We’ve been notified by the City’s Chief Information Officer that the Fiber Optic project is a priority for the Mayor’s Office in 2020, with timeline planning meetings being after the holidays. Look for an update from us in the second week of January. 

No news is good news, we think

In July, our coalition was invited by Mayor Narkewicz to help refine a RFP (Request for Proposal) to study the viability of a municipal network for the city. This was shortly after the City Council approved funding for this first study, which is to survey the community. We traded a few emails with Antonio Pagan, …