Easthampton to get fiber to the home starting in 2024

The City of Easthampton is partnering with GoNetspeed to bring fiber internet access to residences starting in 2024. As you may recall, Easthampton voted to allow its city council to create a municipal light plant some years before Northampton. Since then we haven’t heard a peep that anything was progressing in Easthampton, so we assumed it wasn’t being worked on. A Channel 22 news story with some details can be found here. With a fiber infrastructure, upload and download speeds in excess of a gigabit per second are possible.

GoNetspeed is also working with the Town of Amherst. They have just begun to roll out service there. We haven’t heard from anyone yet if it’s living up to expectations or not. We’ll have to wait to see just how much of the town will be covered by GoNetSpeeds service and if they hit their advertised speeds. Stay tuned for future updates on what we learn.

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