Monthly archives: October, 2018

135 signatures and climbing … can we reach 1000?

We passed 100 signatures! Our petition on has reached 135 signatures as of this morning. Thanks to all who have signed the petition and to those promoting it among their families and friends. Our next goal is 1000 signatures. With 28,000 people in Northampton, reaching 1000 means about 3% of the population has signed …

Notes from our coalition meeting on October 4th

We approved an online petition! (See last post.) It took a while because we had to find the right petition site (some like might be viewed as too partisan) and it had to have the right features, including privacy features. We selected To make it behave like our proposed paper petition we were …

Sign our petition for a community network!

Live or work in Northampton? Want the city to create a community network that should save us at least 30% compared to what Comcast/Xfinity charges? Then sign our petition to the mayor and City Council! PLEASE SHARE WIDELY with your Northampton friends and neighbors. Here’s the short code: