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Meet Jeff Christensen this Thursday at FreePress in Florence

Jeff Christensen and his company, EntryPoint Networks, is helping communities create entrances to the Internet using municipal networks that are open to ALL service providers. This approach dramatically reduces costs, empowers ownership of networks by subscribers and allows multiple service providers to compete for your business over a shared community platform. Jeff has already met …

Why net neutrality is important

Northampton High-speed Community Network Coalition founder Mark Hamill of Florence discusses why net neutrality is important. A community network can provide true net neutrality. Comcast has petitioned the FCC to end net neutrality, which it did last year. Comcast is free to give a better quality of service to sites that pay it more money, …

The big lie

The Institute for Local Self-Reliance (sponsors of have a lot of very good videos. This 2:30 one is definitely worth your time and succinctly shows why private sector solutions to Internet access are self-serving and not the best solution for most cities and towns.