$2000 goal reached! Now we’re working on a $3200 stretch goal

We’ve been both amazed and deeply gratified by the response from the Northampton community to our campaign: Vote Yes on Question 1.

When we originally decided to fundraise to spread the word about the vote, we didn’t anticipate how much support we would get. We set our sights on doing a mailing to “likely” voters – the 3600 households who voted in the last municipal election two years ago.

We hit our target so quickly, that we decided to adjust our goal to allow a mailing to all 12,500 homes in Northampton. That would cost roughly an additional $1200.

Our thanks to those who already contributed, and for those who will help spread our message, be it neighbor-to-neighbor, on social media or by posting a sign on your lawn or a bumper sticker on your car. For those who haven’t yet, we invite you to step up by making a donation today.

Learn how to easily donate.

If you want a lawn sign or bumper sticker, use our handy form.

If you haven’t already, take the City’s survey on how to spend $22M in federal pandemic relief money. It can be used on municipal broadband and you can suggest that’s a good way to spend it. Learn more by reading this post.

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