Northampton residents stepping up to fund Yes on Question 1 campaign

As of this Sunday morning, residents of Northampton have contributed $1415 toward our Yes on Question 1 campaign. This is 70% of our goal!

In addition we have received 21 sign requests so far and since we announced bumper stickers, requests for 3 stickers as well. If you need a sign and/or bumper sticker, use our handy form to get one or both!

If you haven’t donated, please do. If we exceed our goal, it will allow us to do a broader outreach and order more signs and stickers if demand exceeds our order.

We ordered 50 signs and 50 stickers. It turns out it’s considerably cheaper to order them online, but it also means it takes longer to get our order. So be patient. We expect our order to arrive around October 12.

We’ll notify you by email when the signs and stickers are in. Most of you who filled out the web form said you can pick them up, so we’ll provide an address and pickup instructions when they arrive.

Your donations indicate enthusiasm for municipal internet. A feasibility study is underway to determine the cost involved. Assuming it’s affordable, we are confident that the next City Council will move forward on the initiative, as all candidates we have spoken to have supported the idea.

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