First reading of Municipal Light Plan resolution scheduled for Thursday’s City Council meeting

On tomorrow night’s City Council meeting agenda: a resolution from Mayor Narkewicz for the City to adopt to create a municipal light plant. If created, a municipal light plant would become the vehicle used to create a municipal network for the City.

A similar resolution was approved last year. State law requires that the resolution pass in two fiscal years by the City Council.

This would be the first reading. Unless the Council chooses to suspend the rules, the actual vote by the City Council would be two weeks later on the May 20th meeting of the Council. At least two-thirds of the Council would have to approve the resolution for it to advance.

If approved, it would then require approval from a majority of voters in a subsequent City election, probably in November.

While we don’t know the exact results of the broadband survey yet, we do know its bottom line because it’s in the resolution:

WHEREAS, the City of Northampton awarded a contract for the aforementioned two-phase study to Design Nine, Inc. which has completed a market study, the overwhelmingly positive results of which dictate moving forward with the comprehensive feasibility study…

Part of proposed resolution

Member of our coalition plan to speak during the open time at the start of the meeting. You might want to as well. The agenda with virtual attendance instructions is here.

We thank everyone that provided input into the broadband survey. A good quality survey will help ensure a high quality network that meets the needs of the city’s residents and businesses.

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