Comcast raising rates effective December 1

It’s no surprise that Comcast is raising its rates again. But you’d be hard pressed to know it before your new bill arrives.

You can see their new rates here. Their new rates are effective December 1, 2020, which means you will probably see bills with the new rates toward the end of December or early January 2021.

Comcast has so many plans and rates that it can be hard to figure out how your bill will change. Unless you make some changes, it is likely that your bill will increase.

On their Internet-only plans, their prices will be:

  • Performance Starter (25 mbps maximum download) is rising from $49.95/month to $54.95/month
  • Performance (100 mbps maximum download) is rising from $77.95/month to $80.95/month
  • Performance Pro (200 mbps maximum download) is dropping from $97.95/month to $95.95/month
  • Blast (300 mbps maximum download) is rising from $99.95/month to $100.95/month
  • Extreme Pro (600 mbps maximum download) is rising from $102.95/month to $105.95/month
  • Gigabit (1000 mbps maximum download) is rising from $107.95 to $110.95 per month

If the City of Northampton builds a municipal network, we expect that rates will be approximately one-third lower than Comcast rates for similar plans. Note that municipal networks these days generally offer 1 gigabit per second download and upload rates as a standard speed. Notably, Comcast’s upload speed is capped, generally at around 15 megabits per second and download rates are a theoretical maximum, and are frequently lower in practice.

Also note that you may get charged in 2021 for exceeding their 1.2TB residential data cap. Details are in our last post.


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  • We want to get out of Comcast. Have called them over 150 times in last two years. We want to have only internet and use prime to get other channels. Need DVR also. We’re over 74 and need help. Is there anyone who can help us? I’ll do what we can to help the city get away from Comcast permanently. Helen torrey

    • Thanks for your support, Helen. The best things you can do is to reach out to your city councilor and/or the mayor’s office and tell them you want to move ahead with a municipal network. The study is not moving as quickly as we would like right now, because it appears the city is prioritizing other work.

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