Interviews with municipal network study candidates to happen this week

It’s been a while since we posted an update. As you know, City staff have been overwhelmed with work dealing with the covid-19 pandemic. The good news is that the municipal network is still one of the activities moving forward. Funds for a study were approved by the City Council in June 2019. A solicitation to potential vendors was posted in February, before the pandemic started in earnest. In June 2020, the city formed a committee to make a recommendation for selecting a vendor to conduct the study. The committee included four members of our coalition and met on Zoom. 

After discussion among committee members and reference checks by city staff, the top two vendors will now be interviewed virtually. They will be asked about their past practices at conducting surveys and crafting technical engineering proposals, as well as other potential questions. These interviews are scheduled for this Thursday. Based on the feedback, the committee should be able to recommend to the city a proposed vendor to conduct the study.

The pandemic’s demands for distance learning, working from home, and virtual meetings have highlighted the need for all residents to have access to effective high-speed broadband. Based on what we’ve heard from the City, this is ironically helping drive the impetus for creating a municipal network.

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