Northampton business survey sent to Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce

Monday, the Northampton High-speed Community Network Coalition completed a business survey for members of the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce. Soon to be retired executive director Suzanne Beck has promised that she will send the survey out to her membership.

This survey is not a city-sponsored survey, but it will give early insight into the Northampton business community’s needs for better internet access. Mayor Narkewicz may choose to use this survey rathe than create a separate survey.

We hope to share the results of the survey with the city and the press after the survey collection is complete.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a read-only link to the survey. It is based on a survey we found for a Littleton, Colorado municipal network.

Our coalition gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Carl Townsend of Florence. Carl, a retired survey professional, greatly improved the usability of the survey and is helping to ensure its results will be broadly meaningful.

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