Penny Geis announces candidacy for Ward 7 seat, supports community network

Penny Geis of Leeds announced her candidacy for the Ward 7 city councilor seat being vacated by Alisa Klein. Penny is a prominent member of our coalition and supports a community network.

Geis supports municipal broadband, and she is an active member of the Northampton High-Speed Community Network Coalition.

“It is a really critical infrastructure for today,” said Geis. “If Leverett can do it, we can do it.”

We can certainly attest to Penny’s hard work to help bring a community network to Northampton. She attends our monthly meetings, participates actively in online discussions and has twice joined us in petitioning efforts in downtown Northampton during both rainy and windy weather. She wasn’t the least bit shy in introducing herself and our effort to passers by, gathering signatures and passing out brochures.

We weren’t aware that Penny is no stranger to public service. In 1986, she was elected to the Saline, Kansas Board of Commissioners and was the first woman ever elected to the board. In addition, she worked with former state senator Stan Rosenberg to help craft a law that makes municipal energy aggregation possible.

We have no doubt that Penny would be a very effective and dedicated city councilor and wish her well in her efforts.

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