Awesome new logo, 185 signers and counting!

Hey! We’ve changed our logo! Thanks to Davin at Paradise Copies (they are doing our brochures, petitions and sign for free!) we now have an even fancier logo! We should have the printed products tomorrow, which means we should be able to do in person outreach as early as next week! The logo integrates a number of concepts, N for Northampton, C for community plus it suggests a true fiber network to all homes and businesses in Northampton that we would like to see.

In addition, we are up to 185 electronic signatures and growing! It’s vital that if you support this initiative that you work your network of friends and neighbors so we can add to the number of signers! Just pass on the short code to the petition:

We hope to do a Facebook boosted post soon. The delay there is due to the ad being considered “political” so we have to go through a process of providing identification plus they have to snail mail us something. All this to prove that we are not Russians trying to swing elections, I guess.

Don’t forget our next meeting is Thursday, November 1 at 7 PM at our regular spot: Northampton Community TV (behind Northampton High School). See you there!

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