Coalition meeting this Thursday, 7PM at NCTV

Coming? Sign up on our event page!

We invited Mayor Narkewicz and will let you know if he is coming, but we don’t expect it.


Warning: this is a back to school night at Northampton High School, so parking will be in short supply. We’ve had meetings on busy nights before, just be prepared to park a bit away. There may still be some free spaces directly in front of Northampton Community TV at the back of Northampton High School. Avoid parking at the lot across from O’Rourke’s Auto School as you may get towed. Note that there are additional parking spaces behind the football field that may be available.


• Update on Mayor’s visit to Whip City Fiber in Westfield and publication of survey on city’s website
• New community network logo
• Finalizing online and paper petitions. Decide where to host an online petition.
• Addition of Facebook page. Decide how best to utilize FB page and FB groups and how to promote them.
• Advertising on Facebook. Advertise links to city’s surveys? Advertise links to an online petition?
• Community network brochure – current status
• Creating signs for community outreach. Can we bring poster board and markers?
• Decide and target events for outreach. Figure out who can staff tables or engage with citizenry and when.
• Additional media outreach – radio stations and local papers

What to bring

Poster board, markers, ideas, enthusiasm

Important to know

You need to go around to the BACK of the school. You cannot get in through the front door. Look for the NCTV sign. There are spaces directly in front of NCTV but not a whole lot of them. If they are not reserved or for handicapped, you can park there. Otherwise you need to park in the west parking lot. It can’t hurt to bring a flashlight as it can be quite dark!

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