New logo and outreach efforts

Thanks to supporter Tina for designing a new logo for our initiative. We plan to integrate it into this site soon.

Northampton High-speed Community Network logo
Northampton High-speed Community Network logo

Tina also created a new Facebook page. Please like it as it spreads the word about our initiative.

While we are hopeful the mayor will remain supportive of this initiative, we think it’s important to demonstrate that the community is behind this effort. The results of published surveys will hopefully allay the mayor’s concerns. With a logo we hope to gather petitions and do outreach at local events like the farmer’s market. Having a logo is a big step in getting there. Paradise Copies has agreed to print any pamphlets or brochures that we come up with.

You are all invited to join us at our next meeting. This will be at 7PM on Thursday, September 6 at Northampton Community TV, which is at the rear of Northampton High School. Please respond on our event page if you are coming!


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