Mayor Narkewicz: hang on a few more weeks

On May 21, after a meeting with the mayor, city CIO Antonio Pagan, Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Suzanne Beck and the coalition, at the mayor’s request the coalition began refining surveys to be used to determine community support for a Northampton Community Network.

On June 18, after much vetting and a number of meetings, the coalition sent the mayor two surveys that we hope can be used as is to measure both resident and business support for such a network. You can see drafts of the proposed residential survey and business survey online.

Having heard nothing, four weeks later on July 16 we sent a follow up mail to the mayor asking for an update.

We did hear from the mayor’s executive assistant Annie Lesko on July 26:

Good Morning Mark,
Thank you for your emails as well as your patience in awaiting a reply. We have looked over everything you have sent, including the surveys. However, being the summer months, with staffing and vacations, please allow us a few more weeks to get back to you.
Thank you,
Annie Lesko
Executive Assistant

While we await a formal reply from the mayor, we still plan to meet and decide if additional actions are warranted. Further actions could include (but are not limited to) further outreach and demonstrations on this initiative.

So please join the coalition tomorrow, August 2 at 7 PM at Northampton Community TV to discuss events, or rather lack of events and figure out a way forward.

Hope to see many of you tomorrow.

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