Reminder email sent to Mayor Narkewicz

Our email to the mayor with proposed surveys was sent to him on June 18. Since we have not heard from the mayor in four weeks, we sent him another email asking about the status of our request. Principally we are hoping to see our surveys published on the city’s website so it can be discerned if the citizens of Northampton want a community network. The mayor was very supportive of this is May when we met with him and we’re hoping he is still feeling this way.

If we don’t hear from him we’ll have to figure out next steps. You are welcome to come to our next meeting at Northampton Community TV (behind Northampton High School) on Thursday, August 2 at 7 PM. There’s a good chance that this will be our principle topic of discussion unless we hear from him before then.

The text of our email is posted below:

Dear Mayor Narkewicz,

As you recall on June 18 went sent you draft surveys that could be used to gauge Northampton residents’ and businesses’ interest in a high-speed community network. Since we haven’t heard from you, we wanted to touch base to find out whether these surveys have been reviewed, to address any concerns you may have about them and to find out what the next steps would be to publish them to the city’s website.

We’d also appreciate clarity about the process for moving an initiative like ours forward.

Our coalition and the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce are eager to assist in this effort where appropriate. If it would be helpful to have another meeting with you to work on tactical issues, please let us know. The Chamber is ready to distribute the survey to its members after your concerns are addressed.

Thanks again for your consideration of our proposal.

Mark D. Hamill
Lee Feldscher
Northampton High-speed Community Network Coalition

Suzanne Beck
Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce

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