70% of Americans support community networks

During our research for Mayor Narkewicz, we found this interesting Pew survey from 2017.

A substantial majority of the public (70%) believes local governments should be able to build their own broadband networks if existing services in the area are either too expensive or not good enough, according to the survey, conducted March 13-27. Just 27% of U.S. adults say these so-called municipal broadband networks should not be allowed.

It’s worth your time to read the whole article. Providing Northampton can create a community network that is not gold plated, it should be embraced by the community.

Meanwhile, you may have read that Comcast will provide 1GB service to the home during 2018 to communities in Western Massachusetts. They will charge $104.95/month for the service. Given that Whip City Fiber in Westfield offers true fiber to the home and charges $69.95 a month, don’t you think a community network that squeeze the exorbitant profits out of these businesses could offer a better deal? Imagine how those savings would accumulate month after month and year after year.

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