No news is good news, we think

In July, our coalition was invited by Mayor Narkewicz to help refine a RFP (Request for Proposal) to study the viability of a municipal network for the city. This was shortly after the City Council approved funding for this first study, which is to survey the community.

We traded a few emails with Antonio Pagan, Chief Information Officer for Northampton since then, and provided him with some research of RFPs written by other cities. Antonio thanked us for what we sent him.

However, we haven’t heard back from him in several months. We hope he is busy working on the RFP and that no news is good news. Fingers crossed. We’re looking forward to the process moving forward quickly and hope it starts soon.

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  • Happy to know about this…

  • Hopefully the overwhelming support for the municipal light plant proposal next door in Easthampton will spur some action up here in Paradise City. If they have the will and ability to move forward on this issue, why can’t their richer, larger neighbor to the north do it too?

    • I don’t think there is much worry that Northampton residents will not want a MLP. The idea is wildly popular with pretty much everyone we have spoken to. A MLP is simply a vehicle that could be used to help build a network.

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